Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank You God

I love when a child speaks their heart!
And what do I love even more?
When it is my own precious child!
Thank You God!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We Are DTC!

Praise God! We are one step closer to our sweet Molly Grace in China! The paperwork is done, checked, double checked and triple checked and on it's way to China!
Wow! Almost 7 months from the date when we first filled out our pre application paperwork we are now done and the wait begins! Since beginning our paperwork for our new daughter we have been so blessed with support and prayers from friends and family! We cannot wait to bring Molly home and surround her with these blessings!
I spent a lot of time at our local UPS office....mailings, care packages sent, notaries, copies made, threats made by a crazed adoptive mama about how important this paperwork is and it better not get lost, asking for boxes and bubble wrap and bags to protect the paperwork, triple checking addresses, and on and on...the best thing? They were so patient with me!
On my last visit to make our final copies and mail our dossier to FTIA they blessed us with paying for the copies and shipping costs...she even threw in the bubble wrap and a plastic bag :) This is just one of the many blessings we have been blessed with!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Molly's Shower of Hope

I love my friends and I love my community.
I know we are living exactly where we are supposed to be.
God has placed our family in the perfect community as we continue on our adoption journey to Molly.

This past weekend my friends hosted a 'shower' for our sweet Molly. Not just any ordinary shower...but a community fundraiser to help with Molly's medical needs after she comes home! My friends and our community jumped right in! Lots and lots of time spent planning and advertising, vendors willing to donate their proceeds, over 50 businesses and individuals donating items to raffle and auction, a sweet server donating her time and talent, and the many people who came 'shopping' to love on our Molly, who lives half a world away in China!
God has truly been faithful to us and has guided our steps through every step of this adoption and this outpouring of support this past weekend really has made us sit back and count our blessings.
We are completely overwhelmed at the love this community has shown to our family and the love our dear friends have for us! Thank you my precious friends!

Gotta love the hostess shirts! Thanks Stefanie!
Visit and shop their current tees! Love them!