Monday, August 6, 2012

8 Days But Who's Counting?

Home tomorrow...Molly is so excited! She had another awesome day.  8 hours in chair, trip to hospital gift shop, 2 meals, played with pulmonary dr. and just went 6 hours between pain meds!  She is a rock star. According to Dr's she was NOT the classic Neuro muscular patient post op...she rose above the odds and is leaving hospital on day 8 and allowed to resume pre op breathing treatments only! Praising our maker and healer tonight!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Happy Clam

Ashley and Autumn...Molly showing what it is really like after 12 screws and 2 rods in back

hair wash with wonderful nurses

 Our happy clam is was a great day.  6 days post op and she is a shining star!  Lungs are clear, pain was manageable, up in her chair 3 times, watched tv, had a bed bath and hair wash, and was Miss Chatty with all nurses.  She definitely puts a smile on their faces and brightens their day.  God has truly been watching over His little gal! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 2 and 3 pics...she is adamant this time that I do NOT post pictures.   I have promised no sharing pics until she is looking like a beauty queen!

Our brave Molly is enduring much but she is strong and courageous.  She has her shining Molly moments when pain is doable and then there are other times...brace time, breathing treatment time, sitting in a chair, back xrays...that there is so much to endure but Molly always pulls through and comes out on the other side!
Dr's are working on managing her heart and respiratory rates....much higher than they would like to see them.  Past 3 lung xrays have shown improvement but with her compromised lung function already they are staying on top of it.  Thankfully we are at an awesome pulmonary children's hospital who are proactive rather than reactive.  Praises for living so close to this gold mine of child care. Nurses have been wonderful and today Molly had her sense of humor back and her chattiness...well let's say until the PT brought the brace out and told her we were going to have her sit up. 
Prayers for improved respiratory and pain management for our shining gal.

PS:  How could it be that in a 15 X 15 room a mom cannot get her teeth brushed until 11:00???  Hmmmm....working on my own goals here!