Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forever Bathtime

Just when you think they are old enough to brush out their own hair after a bath...A mother's bedtime nightmare!

Do I cut it so she can get into bed? Or patiently untwist strand by strand? Believe me, at that time of night I was ready to chop away and call the beauty salon in the morning. But, lucky for us, this cutie, can tolerate pulling and prying of the scalp with naught a tear. She was a trooper, especially when the sibs could not contain their laughter! We conquered the 'rollie brush' and the intrigue of the 'rollie brush' is gone! I am sure that brush will never see the light of day again.


Gather together 30 woman
for 7 hours
who love Christ.
Listen to inspiring testimonies.
Study Joshua.
and you have one AMAZING day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

20 Fingerprints

Still waiting on our final piece of paperwork before our dossier can head off to China, BUT...
I have been diligent in calling the CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services), like every other day, :) and today I found out that our fingerprints are good to go! The sweet officer I spoke with said, "Would you like me to put a note in your file stating that your fingerprints are complete?" My response, after thanking God (I was silently praying the whole time she was logging in and checking), "Hallelujah Yes, Ma'am"! I then asked her if she dealt with a lot of crazy adoptive mamas in her job. And guess what she said? "Just a a few crazy ones out there, most are very nice and easy to work with." From my experience? I kinda think she was just being nice!
Now, we just have to be assigned an officer to review our file and approve us!
Come on paperwork! Day 52 and counting!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2 Gals...500 Pounds...2 Days

Yes, it is true. I went to Louisville to hang with one of my best friends for 2 days, and what did we do? As much as I would like to say we ate 500 pounds of Chinese food at the Tea Station, the amazing restaurant we went to for lunch, we did not. We, 2 gals, packed 12 duffel bags full of donations for her April trip to Guatemala! We weighed them in at 500 pounds and counting. Counting...because if I know my friend she will continue to stuff in random things as the days go by!
You might question my sanity of driving 2 1/2 hours to pack for a friend. Well, here is the lowdown. I LOVE organizing and she LOVES collecting 'random' things. So together we make a fabulous pair! And in the midst of packing we catch up on our lives, talk lots about adoption, our hopes for Guatemala, sweet orphans in China, and on and on.

This is what her living room and playroom looked like pre packing

This is 500 pounds of donations...floor and furniture can be seen!

and this I fear are the random leftovers that need to go in her carry on...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Our sweet Molly Grace found out she has a Forever Family on March 2, 2010! Her wonderful carers were able to share this news with her and we were able to receive a couple of photos of her learning that she has a Forever Family in America who already cares for her and loves her! What a blessing for us! This is what we know:
She loves her bedroom and loves that there are toys on the shelf and in the cupboard. Little does she know in the 'cupboard' are her sister's clothes...I guess we will be removing the clothes and replacing with toys! She saw a photo of her aunt, uncle and cousin on the beach and said "Oh, I love to collect seashells on the beach!" The carer asked if she had ever collected seashells on a beach and she said "No, but I just know I will love to collect seashells!" I guess we will be heading to China this summer and squeezing in a trip to the beach. She asked what country her new family was from and her reply was, "Oh good, just like Helen." Her friend Helen was adopted in December to Kansas! Looks like another road trip this summer. :) Too bad there are no beaches in Kansas! This week when asked how she felt about being adopted she said in Chinese she was excited and then said "YIPEE", an English word she has learned!
And Her New Forever Family? Their response:


Monday, March 7, 2011

A Name and A Family

Proverbs 25:25

Praise God!
Last week some pretty amazing stuff happened.
On Monday, February 28th we finally named our newest daughter. Here is the conversation at dinner:
Me: Ok guys can we all talk about what we want to name her?
Lucy: YES! We have to decide!
Noah: I don't care as long as it is normal. Mom, you do not pick normal names!
Mei Mei: Name who?
Bill: Ok, it is 6:28 by 6:40 we will have a decision (obviously hubby knows I am indecisive and need pressure). I like Elizabeth.
Me: Well, I love Elizabeth but I think it is too long for her to write :)
Me: Oliver, Noah, Lucy, Elizabeth, and Lilian
Oliver: Yea, It doesn't go.
Meanwhile, I am sweating time is ticking away!!!
Bill: Well, you can call her many names...Lizzie, Ellie, Beth, etc...
Me: yea, but her name is still long if it is Elizabeth.
Lucy: Well, I like Molly, I said that from the beginning.
Me: I like Molly, I hate making decisions!
Bill: Mo, it is a name!
Time is still ticking!!! I look at the clock.
Noah: Molly is a normal name.
Oliver: I like it, but I still like Emily.
Mei Mei: I thought her name was Amy?
Bill: Well, it is 6:40. Molly Grace it is.
Mo: But wait, can't we talk a little more?
Bill; No, we decided and time is up. Begins to clear dishes :)

4 hours later I get word that our care package arrived in Guilin and Molly Grace will find out she has a family who loves her dearly and cannot wait to love on her!!

Amazing News!!