Wednesday, July 27, 2011

6 Times

How are we spending our summer days?

Blizzard, Cookie, Twist, Artic, Sprinkles, and Sundae!
Our new fosters have been with us 2 weeks and they are CUTE but a handful! This is our largest litter ever! Let's just say...6 times the noise at feeding time, 6 times the litter pick up (yes, our garbageman is wondering what has happened), 6 times the tripping over babes in kitchen, 6 times the effort to get them rounded up at night, 6 times the daily distribution of meds, and 6 times the loss of sleep that we are responsible for these 6 sweeties to get them healthy and gain weight!
Ahhh. The relaxation of summer!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


It is 2:34 pm
LOA has arrived! YES! Letter Of Acceptance...LOA! We now have official approval to adopt our sweet Molly Grace!
I was on the phone with Betty at FTIA begging, no bugging, no just plain discussing LOA, Molly, and travel plans for China...and our LOA arrived on her desk! Praise God! Love His sense of humor! I should have begged, bugged, and discussed 20 days ago. :)
The real countdown begins now. Hoping to travel in 3 months! October in China?