Thursday, May 31, 2012

Many Firsts Memorial Day

fishing, hanging with friends, peddle boating, playing ball, cooking out, eating hotdogs and chips, catching dragonflies and butterflies, 
koi ponds, 
and fish...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Saturday was a GLORY filled day.  The sun was shining and a power chair walk was calling our name.  So off we went to hang at the neighbors who had 20 Young Life students mulching their yard to raise money for summer camp. 
Their leader came over to meet Molly and as my friend introduced them she mentioned that Molly was a Believer.  Then, only God orchestrated the next chain of events.
Their leader, Kris, asked Molly about how she came to be a believer.  Amazed..she asked her to share her story with all 20 students hard at work mulching.  She told Molly in such a sweet way that this was too good of a story not to share. Would she be willing?  She told Molly it was completely up to her.  Our sweet Molly thought for  a moment and said "yes" she would share.
Kris gathered the Young Life Students together on the lawn and Molly shared in a strong sure voice about how she arrived at an orphanage in China and about how scared and sad she was until she heard about the name of Jesus who came to save.  She told them she prayed to Jesus and he helped her and she prayed that He would find a family for her and then she had a family. Testimony of a 10 year old!  Sharing Jesus' love with others!

After the students went back to mulching I asked Kris to pray for Molly throughout the summer as she has some pretty big surgeries to prepare for in July.  Kris then asked Molly if the Young Life Students who were believers could come pray with her right then.  Off she went to gather them back together and ALL the students asked if they could come pray with our beautiful girl!  So, we once again gathered and prayed for our brave courageous believing Molly.

What a Glory filled day only orchestrated by our one true faithful God! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Senior

How could it be?  In a blink of our eyes this little boy is now a senior in high school...

first day of kindergarten

off to rising seniors picnic

We are proud to be his mom and dad and he has spoiled us with how easy it has been getting him through 12 years of school. 

He has always been on time to school without a nagging parent pulling him out of bed and pushing out the door...he is ready to go every morning.
He has never forgotten an assignment, lunch, or ANYTHING...wish I could say that!
He has never turned in an assignment late...well maybe one or two...but that is pretty good in my opinion for 432 weeks of schoolwork.
He was a straight A student in his early years and currently is a 4.0 student.
I have only had to study for 2 tests with him in all 12 years...thanks to his Latin teacher!
We have only EVER and I mean EVER received positive comments from his teachers.
He is a good friend to all.
He still enjoys hanging at home on the weekends
He has never needed help on any scholarly assignment...ok, well when he did I could not help him anyways and he figured out!  He has let me help on posters...creativity?  not high on his lists of needs.  He is positive he will never need to make another poster once he leaves high school!

I'm tellin' ya...this wonderful handsome boy has spoiled us!
Praying it continues Senior year and into college!

Race Day

On Saturday Molly participated in her first race, our city's 'Fun Run'.  The pre race to our city's 5K and 10K.  She loved it and still continues to let everyone know she came in 1st place out of the 3 wheelchair runners.  She was very proud of her first race ribbon. Thank you buddies for granting her wish of going fast the whole mile! Cheers and tears from this mama!
And for the Thumbprint of God?  He was there for our sweet gal!  As Molly approached the finish line Indescribable by Chris Tomlin was playing on the loud speaker.  I did a double take not really believing that a K Love song she loves was playing over the loud speaker.  After the race, I so second guessed myself that I actually emailed the events coordinator and asked about it...and yes, it was playing..........I call it confirmation.  Confirmation that our darling Molly is one special girl created perfectly in our eyes!  I call it confirmation from our Courageous Unique Amazing Gal's Maker who knows her by name!
You can listen to the song here.

waiting for race to begin

surprised to see her so soon

happy she is in the lead...ran with her arms the whole way

her fast buddies...Abby on right was the wheelchair race coordinator

AND THEN...This came across my email this it continuing confirmation...

I, the Lord your God, am with you. I am mighty and able to save you. I want you to be convinced that I take great delight in you. Allow Me, and I will quiet you with My love.
I “will rejoice over you with singing.”
WARRANTY NOTES: The songs of God’s love are everywhere around us, all the time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A First

Molly's first school picture!  She was so happy to bring it home and proudly display on the refrigerator next to her brothers and sisters pictures from the fall.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poetry Cafe

I love as the school year draws to close.  The school activities, the excitement, the warm weather, and dreams of a summer spent together as a family.  Go ahead... click on dreams and see how last summer's dreams played out.
Last week we were able to watch as Molly recited 2 poems at the third grade Poetry Cafe.  Guests were able to sit at cafe tables, complete with candles, tablecloth, and snacks, and listen to some wonderful poetry.  Then, we were given the chance to write a poem about our children.  How easy the pen flowed as we wrote all of the things we so treasure about our newest daughter!

Molly did a beautiful job and brought tears to my eyes as she participated in her first assembly in America!  She was our star!

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Found Freedom

This week we received a wonderful delivery...power wheels for Molly. And with this delivery came...independence! freedom! speed! learning! and a little disobedience...
It was oh so sweet to see our Molly, who has been so dependent on us to carry her or push her to where she wanted to go, take off and zip around the neighborhood.  First stop, show off her fancy chair to the neighbors.  Next stop, race brother around track at high school..and WIN! Then, off to try going down ramp at school and cross in the crosswalk.  Next, it was off to see our cute dog neighbor, Abby.  Then, it was exploring the ruined the fun for dinnertime! 

It has been so fun to see her peak in drawers that have never been opened, take game boxes off shelf to examine, and bring dishes to kitchen counter after dinner.

It has also been a learning experience in obedience and lessons to be to cross a street, how to stop when told to stop, how to come when asked, and how to ask when wanting to go somewhere....but I will take these life lessons anytime to see the look of accomplishment on this beautiful face when arriving at a destination all on her own!! 

Happiness, triumph, and a 10 year old independent attitude!

Thank you Muscular Dystrophy Association for opening a whole new world for our sweet gal!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Grand Affair

Our elementary school is amazing in many ways but one night a year this amazing school is transformed into a beautiful, fun, and wonderful Art Gallery! Every child has work displayed, hung by numerous parent volunteers and our gifted art teacher! The girls were thrilled to show off their work and loved seeing friends and teachers!
Just had to add this quote from the school custodian upon seeing Molly, "This girl is just the happiest girl at school, always has a big smile for everyone!" Yes, I am one proud mama! In this house...a smile and a happy attitude is a win win!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tapas with Friends

One year ago we celebrated with friends "Molly's Shower of Hope" , a fundraiser to raise money for our medical expenses after adoption. One of the items donated for the auction was a dinner for 8, planned and hosted by friends of ours. Well, on the day of the auction our good friends bid on it and won. And? Lucky us? We were invited to attend the dinner!
Yep, I guess you could call it double dipping but HEY, it was a splendid, delicious, fun filled night!