Friday, September 28, 2012


Food?  Clean water?  Clothing?  Electricity? 
I take them all for granted.  Just a part of my daily life.  Never a second thought as to where my next meal will come from.  Just open the pantry and the choices are overwhelming...but to a mom in Guatemala not the case.  Never a second thought as to where my clean water comes from.  Just turn out the spigot, any 7 in my home, and out it pours and pours...but to a mom in Guatemala not the case. Never a second thought as to what to wear.  Just open my closets and it is crammed full, mostly with clothes never touched...but to a mom in Guatemala not the case.  Never a second thought when the light is dim.  Just turn on a lamp, one of the eighteen I own, flip a switch, one of the twenty four in my home...but to a mom in Guatemala not the case.  I take them all taken for granted!
Meet Sandra from Guatemala. She has no electricity in her home. You can see her joy at a simple gift given to her, a ray of light, built from a simple 2 liter bottle filled with water and a little bleach.  What will night be like for Sandra?  Dark again.  But her days are filled with light! 


 To read more about joyful people like Sandra visit Mayan Families, a non profit caring for and loving the beautiful Mayan People of Guatemala.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Little Competition

Some dinner time fun while daddy is away...who can get the cookie from forehead into mouth?

And, no, we did not only have cookies for dinner...well, ok Jack did get his fill of cookies!

Noah had some pretty stiff competition!
Way to go Lilian, perfecting this life long skill that we are sure will be needed in your future!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekday Lunch

 One of my favorite things about our schools is that the kids get one hour for lunch. It is an open campus for all 3 schools so between the hours of 11:40 and 12:40 kids can stay at school and eat, go home and eat, go out to eat, or who knows what (not so much my favorite choice).   So far, we have been lucky..our kids, once in junior high choose to come home everyday.  I LOVE IT!!!!!
Not only do we have 4 of our 5 coming home each day we also have friends!  I LOVE IT!  Here is my life after 12:40...

Here is what we served up this day...PB and J, Shrimp Ramen Noodles, Beef Ramen Noodles, rice, chicken and beef broth, TJ pizza...yep, we all have different tastes and lunch is the one meal when the kids get to make their own choice...I LOVE IT!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to let things go and be content. This year, back to school pictures were not done in the orderly fashion as the past 12 years...when I had control, when I took all the pictures, when the kids left with a full stomach of eggs and toast, when we ate breakfast together, when I was at the front door waving them off to school. Nope, this year did not go as planned...yes, they all had new back to school outfits shirts, but the morning? Let's just say I did not plan well on how to get 5 kids out of the house in one hour. The big kids were ready to leave while I was attending to my new nursing duties upstairs. So, I did what I must, I gave in, gave up control and rallied the hubby to shoot the first day photos...

backpacks? front shot? side shot? group shot? same background? Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to let things go and be content. Honey, you did great!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Remember this?

Our sweet Molly sharing her testimony.
Because of this...

One of these Young Lifer's is now a believer.  
 Kris shared with me the other day how after hearing Molly's story this Young Lifer could no longer be mad at God for the things in her life and if Molly could trust God with all she has endured then she could too and has turned it all over to God.   
Our sweet Molly has given another the beautiful gift of God's Grace and eternal life! What a gift to give someone!
When we were talking to Molly about this Young Lifer becoming a believer Molly's response was...
"Awwww, only one?" 
and then...
"Who was that Peter? What was he called?"
"A disciple?"
"Yes! So I am a disciple?" "Yay, I am a disciple, I am a disciple!" 
Yes, beautiful Molly you are a disciple! Changing lives one at a time!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Before and After

Our Gal is growing!  Putting photos side by side is truly amazing. 

Molly in May 2012

Molly in September 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4 Weeks

4 weeks post spine surgery and we are back!  
Molly has recovered and has taught us all how to jump back into life head on!  She went to the mall on day four, has been to a birthday party and play dates,  open house at school, wheelchair has been fitted and in process, and she returned to school half days and? that was not enough...she is now back full days sporting her power chair! She continues to be a WII champ and has been to her first Friday night football game to cheer her brother on!
Post surgery she has grown 3 inches and has gained 5 pounds!  Our summer was long but our spark of a gal is back and enjoying life!